Why experience will transform our homes in 2018

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Photo: Annie Spratt

With the start of 2018 comes the chance to think ahead of what this will mean for our homes. I have never been much for the trends you see in magazines just everywhere this time of the year. I prefer to focus on creating a home and space that provides me with comfort, rather than quick and replaceable fads if you like. However the insights behind the changing behaviours have never stopped fascinating me. As our priorities in life change, so does our life at home.

So what have we learned from the year that has gone by and what will have a deeper impact on how our homes change in 2018?

Time spent outside of the home

There’s nothing more important than a good, safe and comforting home, especially in times were there is so much uncertainty and turbulence. At the same time its seems like we’re escaping the physical world for the online, where our second life is happening. UK adults are spending almost 8 hours each day online, that’s probably more than we sleep each night. Another part of our life that is taking us away from spending time at home is long commutes, sitting in traffic and long hours at work. The average time Londoners spends on travelling to work is 72 minutes each day. No wonder that there is not much time left for the things that matter the most – spending time with your family and the ones you care about. Sadly the average family only spends 36 minutes together each day.

Money buys time

A recent study looked at what provides greater well-being, buying services that give us time or buying material products? They asked more than 6,000 adults in US, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands, how much money they spent on buying time. The researchers found that less than a third of the individuals spent money to buy themselves time each month. Those who did reported greater life satisfaction than the others, by reducing the feeling of stress.

We continue to “cocoon”

Cocooning, which emerged already in the late 1980s is describing the cultural shift of staying in rather than going out, caused by the fact that our homes were becoming more comfortable. Last year it was all about Hygge (Scandinavian way of embracing everyday life at home), and Airbnb continued to be our first choice when travelling, choosing personal homes over standardised hotels. This year we see interior trend forecasts talking about bathrooms spas at home.

The new home experience

There is an experience seeking motivation in how we choose to spend our time. I believe this is true for home life too.

When we are at home we want it to be an experience. 

We want our house to be clean, food to be ready, and to watch the latest movie online instead of going to the cinema. With IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart homes embarking on becoming mainstream there will be a lot of exciting things to watch in 2018.

What do you enjoy doing at home? What experiences do you look forward to in 2018?