Contemporary Life

What makes a home? Is it tied to our identity, our surroundings, or simply a reflection of our personal stories? I believe it is all this – and more.

Your home can improve your wellbeing and help you lead a more balanced and mindful life.


I started Contemporary Life to explore the idea of home.  My love and fascination for home has taken me on an inquisitive exploration to find out exactly what makes a home a home – and how we can live a more balanced and mindful life. I believe in going beyond what we see on the surface and observe what lies underneath the designs.

For me, my home is both my creative outlet and my retreat. I have a Scandinavian perspective of home interiors, rooted in functional, relaxed and natural spaces. To stay close to nature and in tune with the seasonal rhythm, I place huge value on plants, natural materials and natural light.

In this blog, I’ll show how your home can improve your wellbeing, explore how the home is evolving, and hopefully inspire you to think about your life at home, too.

As well as writing about home interiors, I also offer creative coaching for individuals and businesses.

To get in touch and find out more, email me at melia.malmquist@gmail.com

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